National Portrait Gallery

No matter what period or persons you are interested in, you can find relevant and interesting portraits on National Portrait Gallery. Modern portraits like the portrait of Sir Paul McCartney featured on this page and very, very old portraits like the impressive one of Elizabeth I. from 1600-1610. I have been there several times because I like to walk through the beautiful museum.

National Portrait Gallery features portraits of the most famous people in British history from the Tudors to the present day , it is right by Trafalgar Square and the entrance is free. What’s not to like?

Link: National Portrait Gallerys homepage


Paul McCartney Painting at the National Portrait Gallery in London
National Portrait Gallery also features modern portraits like ‘Mike’s brother’ – a portrait of Sir Paul McCartney painted by his brothers friend Sam Walsh.
Queen Elizabeth 1. painting on National Portrait gallery
Queen Elizabeth I.
Portrait of Christabel Bankhurst
Ethel Wright’s portrait og the suffragette Christabel Bankhurst

2 Comments Add yours

  1. 79nexus says:

    Gorgeous pictures but are you allowed to make photos in the National Portrait Gallery?

    1. LondonWise says:

      It’s ok as long as you dont use flash 😉

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