The River Thames’ little sister: Regent’s Canal

Regent’s Canal is not as famous as the the River Tames. But it is a lovely place to spend a sunny sunday. The canal is 8.6 miles long and runs from Paddington through Camden Town to the river Tames in north. We live close to Broadway Market and the canal is running here as well. It’s peacefully and charming with pretty houseboats. Go for a walk. You wont regret it.

You can also do a guided kayak tour and paddle with a company like London Kayak Tours. 90 minutes for 39 punds per person. More cheap is it to rent a kayak, a canoe or a boat and take the tour on your own.  Moo Canoes has kayaks for two persons, the price is 34 for two persons in two hours. But you will have to wait a little while. They don’t rent boats and kayaks until after the Easter holidays, 2017! Anyway it is cold now, so who wants to?

regent's canal in London billede-31-10-2016-16-40-21

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