Rich but inexpensive breakfast

Breakfast at Cafe 338 on Bethnal Green Rd

My father is visiting from Denmark so off course we had to go to Cafe 338 for a massive breakfast.

I have to recommend this place even though I don’t really want more people to know about it, because it is all ready popular in our neighborhood and who wants to wait in line to get in?

Cafe 338 on Bethnal Green Road is the place to be if you like a massive breakfast served on a large plate with eggs, bacon, pancakes, fruits etc… And if you dont want to pay half a month’s salary for your breakfast.

The breakfast menu is rich. You can get a full breakfast including tea or coffee for 5,5 punds and you wont be hungry for the rest of the day.

The atmosphere is cosy, loud and familiar. The cafe has not had an interior designer to decorate the place and it shows. But the costumers – including me – like it that way. Informal and unsnobbish as it is. The cafe opens at 6 am every single day and closes at 5.30 pm – 4.30 on Sunday. The only annoying thing: They dont take cards so you have to bring some cash when visiting the cafe.

You can see the reviews at Yelp:  Cafe 338 reviews.

Cafe 338, Bethnal Green
Cafe 338 is the place!

Address: 338 Bethnal Green Road, London. Take the tube to Bethnal Green Station and walk to the cafe.


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