Vietnamese cuisine in a nice family restaurant


Spring rolls on a vietnamese restaurant Mien Tay in LondonHow about this: You eat the best Vietnamese food to an affordable price and while you eat you support poor families in Vietnam whit out even notice it. That’s the reality when you eat at one of the Mien Tay Vietnamese restaurants in Shoreditch. 40 percent goes to charity in Vietnam and the owners My Le and Su Tran have been donating 250.000 millions punds to charity since they opened the first restaurant in Shoreditch.

I love the thought of it, but I definitely also like their food! The spring rolls as seen above are crispy and delicious, the seafood tasty and the traditionel dish Vermicelli Noodles is out of the world. My favorite! Everything is beautifully served. The prices are average but you can bring your own alcohol except Friday and Saturday.

There are a few curry dishes. I dont know anything about the curry culture in Vietnam, but I assume the curry dishes are on the menu card just in case some costumers dont like anything else. My son ate chicken in curry – Chicken Clay-Pot Curry – the other day and it was really boring, no salt at all and the chicken dry and tasteless. Yet the other dishes are… yummy.

Link: Mien Tay.

Address: 106 and 122 and Kingsland Road, Shoreditch, 180 Lavender Hill, Battersea, and 45 Fulham High Str, Fulham.

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