Incredible Street Art all over London

Street Art Jimmy C
Street Art in Shoreditch by Jimmy C.

This is the capital of Street Art. Walking around in the streets is like walking in an outdoor art museum – especially in Shoreditch. Local and international artists have decorated – and decorate – the streets and I love it. Banksy is the most famous of them all but there are tons of them and they are good!

I admire the artists and their work and it makes me feel happy whenever I see a new piece of art. Often I meet a small group walking around listening to a guide from Street Art London Tours or  another company. I know the street art tours are very popular and the guides have a lot of knowledge so I will recommend a tour. Probably I’ll take one myself… But you can do it on your own. Take a walk in Brixton or Shoreditch, be observant and enjoy the wonderful outdoor art museum.

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Amy Winehouse on Cremer Street in Shoreditch.
Amy Winehouse mural on Cremer Street in Shoreditch.


Street art on Hackney Road
Street Art on Hackney Road, artist: Dreph.


Wall art in Nomadic garden, London
Nomadic Garden in Shoreditch.


david Bowie art on The Oval, Hackney Road
David Bowie Street Art on The Oval, Hackney Road.


Street art in Clerkenwell
Star Trek in Clerkenwell. Artist: Jim Vision. Idris Elba placed a tag on it. “A long time ago, I used to drive past this road all the time, and I would never think that one day some character that I’d created or been a part of would be on the wall or in a piece of artwork like that – and that moves me to tears, actually. It’s a sign of my work,” he said to Evening Standard after doing it.


Mural Shakespeare, London
Mural of Shakespeare near the Globe Theatre made by street artist Jimmy C.


Lego street art in Banksy Tunnel
Banksy Tunnel (Leak Street) in Lambeth under Waterloo Station.


Street Art in the Banksy Tunnel, London.
Street Art in the Banksy Tunnel.


Skateboarding in east London.
My daughter on her skateboard in front of some mural art.


Hassard Str street art, London
Art on Hassard Street.


Boradway Market - street art in London
Broadway Market, Hackney.

And last but not least: Stik. His work is all over East London and they are easily recognised: Simple stick figures with a lot of expression. I love Stik and his figures. This one is called ‘Past, Present and Future’ and you’ll find it at Old Street, Shoreditch.

Stik street art Old Street

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