Dark Sugars – a chocolate lovers paradise

2016-11-05-14-48-38Warning: When you eat a piece of chocolate from Dark Sugars, Brick Lane, you want one more. And one more. And another one. The two shops in Brick Lane are a mecca for chocolate lovers. Rich, African chocolates in lot’s of varieties. You can have creamy truffles with different kinds of flavours like cardamom and chili (They melt in your moth!) , praline with a twist – mango, whiskey, vanilla etc., dried fruit in dark chocolate or what about Dark Sugars crowds favourite: A liquid sea salt caramel pearl…

Dark Sugars also sells the most lovely pieces of chocolate with a pipette full of liquor. You have to squeeze the liquor on the chocolate ganache to eat it and believe me it is a heavenly bite. I prefer the one with Baileys but there are all sorts like Tequila Rose and Pistachio Liquor.

If you dont feel like eating chocolates you can drink it, off course the shop sells hot chocolate with several flavours – made by steamed milk, coca powder and fresh chocolate. And the coffee is good as well. Bon appetit.

Chocolate in Dark Sugar in Shoreditch


Address: Dark Sugars Chocolates 141 Brick Lane and Dark Sugars Cocoa House 124 Brick Lane, London.

Opening hours: 10 to 10.

Link: Darksugars.co.uk


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