In Winston Churchill’s footsteps

World War ll. Winston Churchill and his inner circle are sat in a secret meeting room. They are discussing Hitler’s latest move. Churchill is at the table end, the smoke from his cigar blending with the smoke from his cabinet members’ lit cigarettes.

The undergrund war rooms in Westminster was the nerve center of the British war effort against Nazi Germany. It was the scene of monumental decisions and officers and personel from the Royal Navy, the British army and Royal Air Force were indefinitely garrisoned there. To a large extent, so was Prime Minister Churchill. Though he preferred spending the night at 10 Downing Street to the confined spaces of the underground bunker’s sleeping quarters, it was in effect his working office during war times.

Churchill war rooms
The Chief of Staff Conference Room at Churchill War Rooms. © IWM CW

I visited the War Rooms and had the most interesting time underground. Before entering the place I thought it would be claustrophobic to walk around down there but not at all! It is impressing how big the bunker is! 70 rooms including bedrooms, the Map Room with giant maps on the walls, the Trans-Atlantic telephone room and the Cabinet Room.

The War Rooms were a workplace for hundreds of people and you can really feel how it has been working underground during such difficult times.

What I enjoyed the most was the Churchill Museum. Churchill is a part of the Danish history too and I thought I knew a lot about the great British prime minister.  The museum proved me wrong. What a complex and interesting man he was! He wrote, he painted, he directed the war, he worked non stop and yet he managed to have a harmonic marriage.

Visit Churchill War Rooms

Address: King Charles Street, London SW1A 2AQ

Admission with donations: Adult 19 £, children from 5-15 9.50 £, children under 5’s free.

Link: Churchill War Rooms


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