The home of free speach… and nonsense

Christina in speakers corner, hyde park

Christian speaker in Speaker's Corner


Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park has been a place where wise men like Karl Marx and George Orwell  spoke for the crowd. A great tradition which began in the 1860s. But today it’s mostly about religion. And not only do the speakers talk about their religious belief they interrupt their “colleges”. Especially the Muslims.

I hate to tell you because I am absolutely not a racist or anything like that but when I have been there it has been fundamentalists dominating the corner. Christians and Muslims. Where as the Christians only speak about their faith or listening to the speakers the Muslims act in another way. The interrupt, they make a crowd and shouting words from the Koran and they start small debates next to the speakers.

My son suddenly became the center of a debate. My son is an atheist and he was so careless to say that to a kind of religious preacher. Holy cow! What a mistake. We had to listen to a sermon for 20 minutes. My son (blue shirt) thought it would be possible to have an interesting debate but he was wrong. This guy wasn’t interested at all. He just wanted to get his message out on YouTube so everybody can see a “dumb agnostic”.

While they were talking three Muslims were filming the whole thing and you can see some of it here. If you want you can open it in YouTube and read the comments like ‘Atheist are the most dumb and irrational people on the planet’. Sigh!


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